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Personal Care For Your Feet !
Personal Care For Your Feet !

 Nathaniel and DanielNathaniel Zimmerman Owner Founder  of Walk-Rite with his son Daniel. Nathaniel began with his own feet needing help. In 1998 he attended OSU in the field of Pedorthics learning the craft of Shoe Boot &Saddle making. He also learned how to make  Custom Orthotics and bracing.  In 2001, He bagan Walk-Rite to help others with foot problems and has been in the profession ever since !

Nathaniel is a ABC Cert. Pedorthist and Brace Fitter.



Nathaniel also started the Walk-Rite Foundation (501C3) to help others that cannot afford Orthotics and Shoes. Please note that this is only funded from donations and would welcome your help to help others either financially or products that would help others with Foot Needs.

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Angela Barringer: Officer Manager, ABC Certified Shoe Fitter

Angela has been working at Walk Rite for the past three years and during this time she became a an ABC Certified Shoe Fitter.  She has also come to understand the great need for proper footwear. Angela teaches Dance with her sister at “Miss Lucy’s” in Erie PA.

“Seeing Nathaniel’s overwhelming concern and generosity in making sure everyone has proper care for their feet has been the driving force behind the Walk Rite Foundation. His goal is to help residents in Erie, and I am proud to be a part of that.”