Diabetes and Neuropathy




Neuropathy is the pathological changes of the peripheral nerves, especially to the lover extremities.


    • Neuropathy leaves the feet insensitive to pain, which causes skin and bone problems.
    • Without a warning signal, feet are in danger of cuts, blisters or thickened calluses that can lead to ulcers.
    • 80% of all amputations can be prevented with foot care and properly fitted shoes. The most “at risk” feet for infection is caused by neuropathy.


    • Treatment of neuropathy begins with proper care of the feet
    • Inspect your feet for sores and pressure areas twice daily (a mirror is helpful, and socks should be changed frequently)
    • Diabetic socks should be worn, with pressure placed between the sock and the shoe
    • The shoe should be well padded and fitted by a Certified Pedorthist
    • A soft insole, called an orthotic support, should be used to protect the foot from pressure
    • The condition of the skin must be maintained by soaking the feet regularly in room temperature water (statistics show that soaking the feet daily for about 10 minutes and then rubbing in Vaseline can help keep the skin soft and pliable. This will prevent cracks and fissures from forming)
    • It does not appear that any medications or surgery can improve the condition or neuropathy.
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