Hallux Valgus


When the big toe deviates inward toward the lesser toes. A bump forms over the metatarsal and is usually painful due to continual rubbing of the shoe during gait.


    • The big toe of the foot is called the Hallux.
    • If the big toe begins to deviate inward toward the direction of the baby toe then the condition is called Hallux Valgus.
    • A bump starts to develop on the inside of the big toe over the metatarsal bone
    • This bone prominence on the inner edge is referred to as a bunion.


    • Appropriate Calf Stretching
    • Control / decrease pronation with corrective orthotic
    • Proper foot-wear to accommodate bunion (wide toe box)
    • Severe cases –surgery


    • Inserts/Orthotics will not cure the patient’s problem but will help relieve the pain associated with this condition.