Posterior Tibial Tendinitis


Posterior Tibial Tendinitis


Painful inflammation of the posterior tibial tendon.8-pronation


    • Physical examination usually reveals tenderness at the navicular insertion or just behind the medial malleolus along the tendon.
    • In younger patients, this is caused by an overuse of the posterior tibialis or relative weakness of this muscle.
    • In older patients, posterior tibial tendinitis is caused by degeneration of the tendon and is less responsive to conservative treatment.


    • Stretching the calf muscle
    • Strengthening the posterior tibialis
    • Orthotic Support
    • A brace type /cast immobilization may be required in severe cases.
    • If conservative treatment fails- surgery is required.


    • Occurs mainly in patients who have weakness of the medial longitudinal arch (large inner arch) causing over pronation. This condition is helped with proper footwear- arch support and strengthening exercises.