Arch Types

Feet come in all different shapes and sizes, and therefore have different biomechanical properties. This means each foot is unique and needs the proper shoe to provide relief.

Feet generally fall into one of three categories:

    • Low arch
    • Regular arch
    • High arch.

While it may sound complicated, determining your arch type is actually simple, and can be done in your own home.


Take the Wet Test to Determine Your Arch Type

Instructions: Dip your foot in water and stand on any surface that will create an imprint of your foot (for example, a piece of paper or concrete). Observe the imprint and match it with one of the foot types below to determine your arch type. Click on the image that best matches your foot to find the shoes that are best for your specific arch.

[image title=”Low Arch or Flat Feet” width=”100″ height=”150″ align=”center” icon=”link” link=”/getting-started/arch-types/low-arch”] [/image]
[image title=”Neutral Foot or Medium Arch” width=”125″ height=”150″ align=”center” icon=”link” link=”/getting-started/arch-types/regular-arch”] [/image] 
[image title=”High Arch” width=”100″ height=”150″ align=”center” icon=”link” link=”/getting-started/arch-types/high-arch”] [/image]